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Articles on Du Noyer:

Coffey, Petra. “George Victor Du Noyer 1817-1869 Artist, Geologist and Antiquary.” The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, vol. 123, 1993, pp. 102–119.

George Victor Du Noyer (1817-1869) : blog post on Du Noyer by Fiona Ahern. 

Gages, Alphonse, and M. Gages. “Biographical Notice of the Late George V. Du Noyer, Esq.” Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1836-1869), vol. 10, 1866, pp. 413–414. 

Resources on Du Noyer in the RSAI Library: 

George Victor Du Noyer, 1817-1869 : hidden landscapes : an exhibition to celebrate the sesquicentennial of the Geological Survey of Ireland edited by Fionnuala Croke (1995). 

Stones, slabs, and seascapes : George Victor Du Noyer's images of Ireland (2017). 

Correspondence, notes and cuttings of Rev. James Graves, 1865 - 1870 : includes newspaper articles of sites and monuments of antiquarian interest described by Du Noyer in 1865 and a 6-page review by Du Noyer of an article in the Fifth Annual Report of the Belfast Naturalists Field Club 1867, dated 29 December 1868. 

Papers On Archaeological And Numismatic Matters From Mid To Late Nineteenth Century : includes an essay by Du Noyer. 

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