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LS_07_097 copy.jpg
Lantern slide of Dublin map, Co. Dublin. Originally catalogued as "97" with labels "Speeds Map of Dublin" and "T. Mason, 5, Dame Street, Dublin". Depicts a numbered map of Dublin City with a key.

box8_027 copy.jpg
Lantern slide of a drawing of the old location of the Courts of Justice Ireland. Originally labeled 'D3 28' and without a title. The slide itself is labeled 'Fig. 3. Inside View of the Old Courts of Justice Dublin'. The Four Courts as we know it…

box8_064 copy.jpg
Lantern slide of Weavers' Hall, Dublin. Originally labeled 'D3 67' with title 'Weavers Hall.' In 1192, Prince John gave the citizens of Dublin permission to organise themselves into guilds. The Weavers' Guild was granted their first charter in…

box8_080 copy.jpg
Lantern slide of an interior of a room. Originally labeled 'D3 84' and without a title.

box8_087 copy.jpg
Lantern slide of a marble sculpture, Dublin. Originally labeled 'D3 91' and without a title. The sculpture contains three figures; an elderly man reclining, a woman kneeling over him, and an angel standing above both of them.

box8_092 copy.jpg
Lantern slide of the Museum Building, Trinity College Dublin. Originally labeled'D3 96' with title 'Engineering S[?]eT.C.D..' Located on the South of New Square, the Museum Building was built in the mid-nineteenth century. There are Lombardesque,…

box8_093 copy.jpg
Lantern slide f a house interior. Originally labelled 'D3 97' with title 'Kenmare.' Kenmare is a small town located in the south of Co. Kerry. The orignal title of the slide suggests the image was taken there, but it is catalogued amongst slides of…

BOX10_049A copy.jpg
Lantern slide of a sketch of St. Andrew's Church, Dublin. Originally labeled 'D3 III 85' and without a title.

BOX10_055Atif copy.jpg
Lantern slide of the tomb of John Philpot Curran, Dublin. Originally labeled 'D3 III 3' and with the title 'Curran's Tomb.' Located in Glasnevin Cemetery, this impressive sarcophagus belongs to John Philpot Curran. Curran was established in 18th…

BOX10_058 copy.jpg
Lantern slide of a round tower, Swords, Co. Dublin. Originally labeled 'D3 III 9' and with the title 'Swords.' Pictured in the slide is a 9th century round tower that has claimed to have held the remains Brian Boru. The tower contains five floors and…
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