George Victor Du Noyer

George Victor Du Noyer, born in 1817 in Dublin, was a prolific artist, geologist, and antiquary. Much of his work as an artist related exclusively to Ireland as he was often commissioned to draw or paint realistic depictions of locations all over Ireland. Du Noyer’s art covered a wide range of subjects and included images of plants, animals, fish, fossils, geological features, maps, landscapes, people, country houses, historic buildings and antiquities.

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The following exhibit presents a digital version of volumes found in the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland’s Du Noyer Collection. The exhibit is organised by volume number and can be navigated using the right-hand sidebar. 

Each image is captioned with a transcription of the text written on the drawing.


This exhibit was developed by the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland (RSAI) in 2018 with contributions from Laura Ryan, Sophie Leveque, and Stephanie Chen. 

Acknowledgements to the Department of the Environment who funded Michael O'Neill to scan and catalogue Volumes 1-11 in 2009, and to Tara Kelly who volunteered to scan Volume 12 in 2013. 

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