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Lantern slide depicting Grand Canal Hotel, Portobello bridge, Dublin, now the site of Portobello College. People can be seen in the foreground. Originall catalogued as 'D3 IX, 3' view of Grand Canal Hotel &e Portobello Dublin'.

box16_084 copy.jpg
A Lantern slide depicting an illustration of the original west front of Trinity College and the college library, as illustrated in Charles Brookings map of 1728. Originally catalogued as 'D3 VIII 66' with further labelling as 'Front of the…

box16_085 copy.jpg
A Lantersn slide depicting a view of Findlater's Church , Parnell Square, Dublin. The church is a Presbyterian Church, decorated in the Gothic style. The site for the Church was bought by a Dublin merchant named Alexander Findlater. The opening…

box16_087 copy.jpg
Lantern slide depicting the Augustinian Church on Thomas Street, Dublin. The Church is located on John's Lane and is commonly known as 'John's Lane Church'. Its history dates back to Norman times when a Aelred the Palmer, a Norman living in Dublin ,…

Box14_001 copy.jpg
Lantern slide of a row boat approaching a quay wall. Originally labeled 'D3 VI 87'. The image shows nine men in a row boat and one man on the quay wall. There is a tall ship in the background.

Box14_008 copy.jpg
Lantern slide of St Lawrence tomb in Howth Abbey. Originally labeled 'D3 VI 95'. The image shows the tomb surrounded by foliage.

Box14_010 copy.jpg
Lantern slide showing an engraving of St. Patrick's Cathedral. Includes an inscription with the date 1739 A.D. This slide was originally labeled 'D3 VI 97' The slide can be seen in the Dictionary of Dublin on page 40 with title 'S. Patrick's…

Box14_013 copy.jpg
Lantern slide of a drawing entitled 'A Prospect of Dublin, the Capital of Ireland'. The slide is dated 1753Originally labeled 'D3 VI 100'.

Box14_019 copy.jpg
Lantern slide of Dublin Bay. Originally labelled 'D3 VII 6'. The slide has the title 'View of Ringfend, Irifh Town, Pool Beg, Clontarf, Irelands Eye, Dublin Bay'.

Box14_025 copy.jpg
Lantern slide showing a Brooking print of the Thosel building and the Custom House, from 1728. The original slide is labelled D3 VII 12
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