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Limestone rock off the mines Muckross Lake Killarney 16 Oct 1855

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Limestone rock close to the mines Muckross Lake Killarney 25 Oct 1855

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intruded mass of felstones - south of Lough Guitane, Killarney 16 Oct 1855

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Plan of Muckross Abbey Killarney. July 1855. signed Geo. V. Du Noyer. Scaled Plan

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Cloister of Muckross Abbey. Old yew tree, n.d

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view of Carrantohill from the summit of the Reeks

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view of the upper lake Killarney from the tower of Lord Brandon's lodge (Chambers Cottage)

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Water worn limestone. Cahernane demesne 23 ?Oct 1855

i_00101802 copy.jpg
Torc Mt from Muckross Demesne

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